Feminine Style In Wild Leather!
For the past 9 years, I have been wearing either cotton or silk. I wear them both in and out of the house, whether I'm attending a formal event, or hanging out with my friends, or just going to regular work. My friends have been dying to see me in anything but the usual, but I'm always comfortable with what I already have in my wardrobe. But after purchasing a Bomber jacket for women, I have gained this confidence that I never knew existed! The texture is so smooth, the various outfits I could pair it with is just pure joy! I've never wanted to wear something over and over again this much! Thank you Bomber jackets for women!!!

Michelle Galarrita

Hate Jackets No More...
I've always thought of jackets as outfits that kill you. They don't emphasize anything, not your chest, or abs, not the back, or arms. You're all covered up and warm, I don't see anything appealing about them. Not until I came across cheap-leather.com, a site selling and showcasing jackets of various styles and colors. They have wonderful designs and a whole lot of them to choose from. It's impossible to see one that suits you. I bought this grey Bomber jacket that allowed one to see enough of your chest muscles. I love it and I'm never leaving home without it!

Mel Arion

Sharing The Glamour
I'm a twin to my brother but despite being of the opposite sex, we sometimes borrow each others clothes like hats, shirts, and also bags. You could say I'm sort of boyish, but my brother says I pull off his clothes better than he does! I don't mind being told that, I even appreciate being recognized as unique from the other girls. Anyway, I was one time thinking of buying something that my brother could also use/borrow. It isn't an easy task, I tell you. But I found one, a Jacket Bomber, it's absolutely great! It's got a unisex design that manages to flatter both our body types. Buying the Jacket Bomber has enhanced our closeness and will definitely have the boys and girls envious!

Anna (with Marcus) Tonnelton

Picky Person
i am definitely one those guys who are conscious of what's the latest in Men's Fashion. Don't get me wrong, I'm not gay. But I just make sure that I am always presentable whether I'm at home, at work, or out clubbing with my friends. But then, keeping in style takes a lot of time and effort, I still have to go various shops and stalls to maintain my precious look. Then a friend suggested that I check out Cheap-leather.com, I site that according to him just might have me relaxed and surprised at the same time. I did check it out and I found this incredible Bomber style jacket that was so irresistible! They also have other Bomber jackets that had me drooling. Now I enjoy more time wearing my clothes instead of looking for them!

Christoffer Marth

A Mother's Love For Her Son
I have an eighteen year old son who left for college and has somehow allowed our relationship to fade. He doesn't call that much, doesn't email, or even text at all. It made me feel like there was something I wasn't doing for us; so I went online to check out what was popular these days and found out about Bomber Jackets. They were originally designed for pilots before but now have been worn by anyone wanting to be in style and chic. Reading all this info made me want to get one for my son and so I did. I bought it with the hope he'd think I was right beside him every time he'd wear it. I had it mailed to his school and the day he got it, he called me and just kept thanking me! He mentioned things like awesome and unbelievable', I can't even remember them all. Now I'm assured that with the Bomber jacket I got for him, he and I will continue being close despite the distance.

Mrs. Allie